How I Get A Large Tumblr Audience

A lot of people message me asking where I get my content, or how I keep getting so many ‘notes’ on posts. To be honest, I don’t have any one answer. Sometimes my posts are submitted by others, sometimes I get content from Pinterest & a lot of times I write my articles from scratch. Regardless, a creator is nothing without his tools.

One of my favorite tools to use is Brickflow. This tool helps me discover interesting content when my Pinterest boards are dry, and my own creative juices stop flowing. Brickflow analyzes my Tumblr blog & recommends content relevant to what I’m already posting, meaning my articles stay consistent and you stay happy :) 

Just thought I’d pass this nifty tool-of-the-trade from my bag to yours. Happy Tumblring!

Because laptops are overrated. #menifee #starbucks #overkill #yup #apple #macbook

Five Things I Didn't Know About Islam

I found this interesting article about Islam, some of which surprised me. I realized after reading it that there were some misconceptions I had about Islam. Men and women are equal in Islam? Get ouuuuta here!

Banksy and Street Art Auction Tonight in Beverly Hills!

I just signed up to bid in this auction for this amazing Banksy artwork he is selling this Thursday in Beverly Hills. If you’re a fan of the infamous Banksy, you better show up! 

Check it out! for more information. 

Attention Musicians and Bands!


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That moment when someone looks at you, makes an insanely awkward “trying to be funny/must be an inside joke” face, and immediately realizes you’re not the person they thought you were.