Finished the first poster from my #starwars series. More to come soon. #swep7 #starwars7 #snowtrooper #hoth #badrobot #poster #theempire #empirestrikesback #design

Jurassic World Theatrical Poster

Just finished the final draft for my Jurassic World (Jurassic Park IV) theatrical tribute poster. Had a lot of fun coming up with this one. 

Second pass, starting to look better. Still a LOOONG way from being done though. #starwars #atat #swep7 #3dsmax #design #movieposter #episode7 #photoshop

Landing Party #starwars #atat #invasion #stormtrooper #starwars7 #episode7 #jjabrams

Losing Everything Because Did a Good Job, And a Multi-million Dollar Company Will Get Away With It.

I normally (ok, never) post editorial like the following, but I need to let off some steam. Looking for a little clarity/help from the Tumblr community out there, really. Skip to the very end for the Too Long; Didn’t Read if long sentences and punctuation scare you.

I was formerly employed by the Tronical GmbH( corporation in Hamburg Germany, working remotely from the United States. This company is a multi-million dollar 30 +/- man operation. If you are familiar with the Gibson Guitar Min-ETune, Tronical is the company that actually makes and manufactures that device(formally called the Tronical Tune).

I worked from the month of September 2013 to Feb 2014, at which point I was abruptly and unexpectedly fired with nearly 4 months salary unpaid(Jan & Feb + 8 weeks severance as per contractual agreement). In January of this year we had booth at the NAMM Music Convention in Anaheim, California USA. This convention is arguably the largest single music trade-only conventions in the world. While the company paid for the booth location, all of the event promotional material was paid for by me, with the confirmed guaranty in having every penny reimbursed.

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How I Get A Large Tumblr Audience

A lot of people message me asking where I get my content, or how I keep getting so many ‘notes’ on posts. To be honest, I don’t have any one answer. Sometimes my posts are submitted by others, sometimes I get content from Pinterest & a lot of times I write my articles from scratch. Regardless, a creator is nothing without his tools.

One of my favorite tools to use is Brickflow. This tool helps me discover interesting content when my Pinterest boards are dry, and my own creative juices stop flowing. Brickflow analyzes my Tumblr blog & recommends content relevant to what I’m already posting, meaning my articles stay consistent and you stay happy :) 

Just thought I’d pass this nifty tool-of-the-trade from my bag to yours. Happy Tumblring!